How to be an Enlightened Home Buyer

A Realtor ignoring a buyer’s real motivation for purchasing a property, beyond their logistical reasons, is counterproductive, resulting in a lot of running around without much to show for it.

So then, what is the buyer’s real motivation?

Within the imagination and heart of a buyer is a desired home life experience. The experience is a story that goes beyond specifics, such as the house should be on one level, have three bedrooms, be close to amenities, have a manageable private yard, and so on.

As a buyer, what is your story, and why that story?

It is unlikely that you are fully aware of your story, a story that motivates your actions and responses. Many people are too preoccupied with daily life distractions to reflect on what their true desires are. Not knowing about the story you are subconsciously trying to fulfill can result in sending out mixed messages. Mixed messages are what can make the buying process frustrating and take longer, and why you could end up paying too much, choosing the wrong place and feeling unfulfilled.

How can you become an enlightened home buyer, where you find yourself in the perfect place, having avoided regrets?

  • Begin by asking yourself, how will a change in the house make things better? Within your answer are clues about the story you have that motivates you.
  • Now, ask yourself, Who am I in this story? What character do I play?
  • What are you able to do and accomplish?
  • In your story, how are others perceiving you?
  • In your story, how are those who live with you feeling and behaving?
  • In your story, how do you feel about yourself, and why do you feel that way?

Now with these questions answered, take a little time to contemplate why this story that is unfolding is important to you. Is there an unfulfilled childhood dream or a need to resolve something that has been plaguing you for some time? It could be anything, but likely it is something you have not allowed yourself to accept until now. Perhaps before the time was not right, but for some reason, it is right now. Honour that.

You can now experience yourself as an enlightened home buyer.

You will be able to recognize which specifications are essential to your story and which are ones you believe you should have because that is how you were conditioned to think.

Now your Buyers Requirement List may be less about the building specifics and more about how it makes you feel. For instance, the layout of the house can feel cozy and secure or expansive and stimulating. The setting of the house and its surroundings can also help you live your story.

Knowing your story will help you instantly feel when a house is right, even if it requires some changes to be made.

The interesting thing is that it is never the house that makes the story complete. The house is your metaphor for home, and you are always home within yourself, living out many stories. Truth, you do not need a house for that to be so.

Written by Debby Johnson

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