Looking to Sell Your Property?

Selling can be both exciting and rewarding. And yet, often, sellers unnecessarily feel the experience and results fell short of their expectations. I will take every precaution to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

I care that you have a rewarding experience selling your property and, therefore, I am devoted to making your property selling experience a success.

Most people consider the following items to be indicators of success:  a sale at a good price, a reasonable selling time, a smooth, enjoyable process, and no regrets.

I am dedicated to doing my best job for you as I have done for so many other sellers. You can see this by my Client Reviews here on this site.

You were there for me every step of the selling process and I have so much appreciated your dedication and care that all aspects of the sale were looked after!”

– Grietje Tiemersma

How Prepared Are You To Sell?

1. Are You Now Ready To Sell your property? If so, allow me to help you proceed to a successful sale.

2. Are You Thinking About Selling your property someday, but first, you need more time to work things out?

Here are some things you can do now to help you prepare later for selling your property. Remember, at any time, you can ask for me for a Discovery Chat, not only to ask me logistical questions but also to see how well-suited we are to work together.

1. Assess Your Readiness.

Self-inquire into your reasons for selling and assess how prepared you and the property are for selling. Doing so will increase your level of success. To make this inquiry easy, take this insightful Quiz for Seller Preparedness. 

2. Property Valuation.

Find out how your property will fair in the current real estate market by having me do a Seller’s Property Valuation  (similar to an appraisal without the formalities and higher cost). I waive Property Valuation fees with a listing agreement, or I deduct the charge from the commission.

3. Selling Services

Homeowners who want to sell their property need to know in advance what to expect during the property selling process. In other words, what their Realtor will do for them. For instance, will the Realtor provide you with the option of having a Virtual Immersion Walk-Through done on your property, to help you sell for more in less time? Read below to get ideas about what important services a Realtor could provide.

Often Realtors dazzle their prospective clients with shiny photos and feature sheets and promises of global exposure to get a listing. However, these are only a small fraction of what a savvy Realtor can to do for their client.

Here is a summary of my services in categories and following that, further details in each category.

I provide a well-rounded complete service consisting of these four categories:

1. Legalities and Logistics

2. Market Evaluation and Analysis

3. Sales and Marketing

4. Client Care

It is worthwhile to mention that I do not apply a cookie-cutter service to each property. Instead, I methodically get to know your specific property to understand what is the best approach to finding a good match and successful sale. Every property is as unique as my clients. A property has its unique qualities, features, and idiosyncrasies. Also, each seller has their unique set of circumstances and needs to be considered, and together we design and implement a strategy.

1. Legalities and Logistics

  • Property title search

  • Gather property information (i.e., zoning, codes, permits, agreements, inspections)

  • Meet Real Estate Board and Real Estate Council listing requirements

  • Preparation and revisions of sales offers and contracts

  • Facilitate communications with legal advisors and conveyancers

  • Advocacy with regulatory bodies

  • Arranging of services such as home inspections, septic system, and water system assessments, showings

2. Market Evaluation and Analysis


  • Study of current market conditions

  • Knowledge of current listings and sales

  • Assess the competition and identify the gap position

  • Price strategy


3. Sales and Marketing

  • Positioning property in the market with a valued offering
  • Identify the Unique Selling Proposition (why customers would want your property)
  • Sales strategy (including Realtor networking)
  • Create marketing material:
    • Listing narrative
    • High-quality photos
    • UAV Drone photos
    • Virtual 360 degree 3D Walk-Through Tour
    • Feature Sheets
    • Quality signage
  • Listing Exposure:
    • Multiple Listing Service on Realtor.ca
    • Local Realtors’ Tour
    • Continual Realtor networking
    • Featured Home on CrestonRealtor.com
    • Shown on affiliate websites (e.g., Point2Homes, Orivts, Homefinder, Kijiji)
    • Social Media blog posts (Facebook and Instagram)
    • Newspaper ad in CV Advance

4. Client Care

  • Preparation:
    • Team approach
    • A target for the desired outcome
    • Consideration of your situation and conditions
    • Develop a plan including a contingency plan
    • Property information gathering (scheduled)
    • Client criteria for showings
    • Reporting plan
  • In-Process:
    • Regular reporting (including showings feedback and stats)
    • Periodic consultation / strategizing session
    • Coordinate showings and coordinate services appointments with my seller (i.e. inspections)
    • Negotiate on your behalf with your direction
    • Put clients interests first
  • Finalize Sale:
    • Facilitate and monitor the conveyance process
    • Assist with relocation/ Find a new home

A team approach to marketing your property

A team approach to marketing your property gives you an edge in the real estate market. I have an in-house Marketing Whiz who happens to be my wife. Having Debby’s expertise close at hand ensures that your property is well-positioned and has an advantage in the market.

At any given time, there are a certain number of active buyers looking for property, like your own for sale listing.

The marketing strategies we develop are unique to each property, and each plan considers the current market conditions your listing will be competing within.

In a “soft market” with lots of inventory (i.e., listings), buyers have many choices. This type of market is a highly competitive environment to be selling your property in and requires specific tactics.

In a “heated market,” buyers have few purchasing options. Therefore, the selling strategy differs from a “soft market.” It is why your property should be strategically placed on the market to attract the best offers and terms.

Your goal of selling your property, for the most money, in the shortest time, with the least amount of hassle is our goal.

Since June 15, 2018, limited dual agency is banned in BC. Essentially this means the listing Realtor cannot sell the property they listed. Therefore, I have developed a means to help influencers and other Realtors recognize the inherent value in a property so they can help make the sale happen. I also have methods in place to assist any Buyers who I may represent and present offers on your listed property. I want to ensure no opportunity for a sale is lost.

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