It is smooth living, soft adventure,
slow tempo with a splash of eclectic expressions. 

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A masterpiece formed by a string
of distinctive and unique villages.

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Beauty that overwhelms the senses,
abundance that goes beyond belief.

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Business & Services

All the basic services are covered.
Plus, you can explore a variety of business opportunities.

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“The Sweet-Spot”.
We’re in the middle of the Kootenays, close to the US border, and have a desirable temperate climate for growing fruit and for comfort.

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This beautiful valley, with four pleasant seasons, nourishes a population of just over 13,000 people. Dubbed the “breadbasket of the Kootenays”, the valley provides an abundance of healthy foods, fresh air, clean water and affordable housing. The south arm of the Kootenay Lake inspires recreation, reflection and self-expression. All the basics are covered here for a wholesome fulfilling lifestyle.