Idyllic family life on a farm

When one thinks of an example for an idyllic wholesome lifestyle, we often come up with images in our minds of a family farm. Scenes begin to appear with children feeding chickens in the breeze of fresh air and sunshine, freshly picked garden produce in the country kitchen, loaded trees with mouth-watering fruit, cooling off in the river after hard work, and a sunset horseback ride. More and more young families are venturing into the family farm lifestyle to gain a meaningful way of living. Farms locally are often managed as a sideline business, or there is a 2nd income earner in the household. However, there are also full-time family farms in our valley. For these families, it’s not just about making a living; it’s about the quality of life that farming affords them.

Not often does land for sale appear on the market that matches this idyllic holistic lifestyle. However, there is now an acreage for sale with a large farmhouse, three cabins, irrigation, pasture, barns, outbuildings, including a production kitchen, an onsite river, and minutes to town. To do a virtual tour and view photos and specs, go to: 241 Arrow Creek Rd. East Creston, B.C.

Or use this mls number 2459088 . This property is versatile.  For instance, there is plenty of water for orchards and buildings to convert fruit into value-added products.  In addition, the property has amenities for agrotourism services. There is room for your imagination to come up with ventures or leave as-is for your own family to enjoy privately.

As locals call it, the Creston Valley is primarily a retirement and agricutural community with several hamlets (Canyon, Lister, Erickson, West Creston, Wynndel). The valley is primarily serviced by the Town of Creston which has a population of just over 5000 people. Most people in this valley live rurally. The valley runs north to south, and the Selkirk mountain range and Purcell mountain range cradle this valley.  The Creston Valley’s climate is moderated by Kootenay Lake to the north with milder winters than neighbouring communities, making it ideally suited for a wide variety of farm and orchard growing. The Kootenay River meanders through the valley and empties into majestic Kootenay Lake, about 20 minutes to the north.

If you are considering a full-time family farm you may want to consider the following:

“Successful family farms find ways to balance the work requirements of the farm with the goals and aspirations of each family member.” “Diversifying operations is often a way for family farms to remain profitable and give each family member an area of emphasis and expertise.” “The family farm is the place where experience accumulates, learning takes place, and knowledge is passed on to the next generation.” – Foundation for Agriculture

“As we’ve been developing a sustainable farming operation called Family Friendly Farms, we’ve also been developing a sustainable family lifestyle here at Our Lady’s Ranch. Over the years, we have been creating a holistic family environment suitable to living in peace and to sharing it with others.” “We sustain our Emotional Lives by receiving visitors here, sometimes engaging with them in farm tour discussions along with other social activities.” – The Art of Sustainable Living, Family Friendly Farms

“If we’re serious about building food systems that are sustainable and robust in the long term, we need to learn from how farming’s been done for most of human history: collaboratively…

Collaboration doesn’t just make better use of the land — it can also do a lot for farmers’ quality of life.” – Sara Taber

Find agricultural and farm property real estate for sale within the Creston Valley or Kootenay Lake east shore by calling Lee Johnson, Fair Realty Realtor at 250-428-6439.

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