January 16, 2019

Tirelessly Fighting To Get Me What I Wanted

My daughter and I wish to thank Lee for all of his help in getting our house sold. I always think about how, in our first meetings, he was so assiduous at learning what I considered most important. From that point on, he was tirelessly fighting to get me what I wanted. For me, selling the place quickly was more important than getting a higher price. Lee told me where I needed to range my asking price if I wanted to move it in 100 days, or less, and that’s just what happened. There were a lot of hurdles once he found me a buyer, but Lee managed to find a sufficiently motivated purchaser in the first week of the listing! That kind of thing rarely happens in this valley. Perhaps my priority was the less difficult one. Maybe it’s more of a challenge to find people willing to pay BC house prices in the Creston Valley but I’m certain that, even if I had tasked Lee with getting the optimum price in a year or two on the market, he would have found a way to achieve that too.

It has been a joy dealing with Lee and we’re impressed by the work that he does.”

Leaf and Ylema McClary

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